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Frozen food tray

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Frozen biodegradable tray / Frozen compostable tray / Compostable tray

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Five Advantages Of Products

  • Soft texture, good toughness
  • Convenient to handle, transport, and carry
  • Convenient to handle, transport, and carry
  • Meet ASTM compostability standards
  • Unlimited energy

Product Details

We are helping to develop a future without wasting plastic!

At Xu Kang, we share with you our concerns about waste generated from packaging and its impact on the environment. We integrate all new biodegradable packaging solutions into everything we do. The performance of these new products will be as good as all our previous products. Once the product is discarded into the active microbial environment, a series of chemical and biological processes will occur. The additives produced by miDori-bio will enhance the biodegradation of plastics to methane, carbon dioxide and inert humus, thereby making the soil richer and more wasteful. less.

Concerned about the environment? Cooperate with Xu Kang to meet your packaging needs, we can work together! Clamshell or other novel packaging ideas, Xukang can meet the packaging needs of some of the largest growers in the industry. Years of experience in various packaging products

Dongguan Xukang Industrial Co., Ltd.

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