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PP Food Plastic Box to Canada

Release time: 2022-02-25 15:24:23  Hits: 155

Say goodbye to the hard work in 2021 and sound the horn in 2022. Dongguan Xukang Industrial Co., Ltd. wishes all partners good luck and a bright future in the new year.

With the concerted efforts of all Xukang employees, the 30th container PP food container box ordered by Canadian customers was efficiently completed.

This box is used for food packaging to keep your food fresh. The sales have reached 20KK and will exceed 50KK this year.

PP food container boxes are produced in fully automated dust-free workshops, making full use of advanced management experience and technical advantages.

Whether you're grabbing a cup of coffee or enjoying a home-cooked breakfast on your way to the office, you're probably relying on Xukang Industrial's packaging today.

Because our products make us an integral part of many homes and communities, sustainability is our focus.

Taking customer demand as the source of design, we constantly update our products. The series of products include packaging boxes for fruits, vegetables, salads, organic food and other related products.

We pride ourselves on being a part of the communities in which we do business and seek to promote the sustainability of those communities on multiple levels.

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