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American frozen food packaging distributor  to our company to purchase

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Fresh food blister, we are a source manufacturer, price is favorable, quality assurance, using food-grade transparent PET environmentally friendly raw materials, we can design and customize various food trays, and our production capacity is unlimited fresh food blister, because With the improvement of living standards, people are paying more and more attention to and demand for food safety, and corresponding food packaging has also entered an era of environmental protection, health and safety. At present, food-grade PET and PP on the market are mainly used for food packaging. These two materials are non-toxic and environmentally friendly and can be used with confidence. The appearance is transparent and shiny, and the sealing is also very good, which can extend the shelf life of food. It is suitable for all kinds of bakeries and cake shops, for packaging egg art, cakes, egg rolls, sushi, pastries and other foods, as well as packaging various fruits, vegetables, seafood and other products in blister packs. PET (A-PET) has the characteristics of hardness, good toughness, high strength, bright surface, environmental protection, non-toxic, transparent and multi-color. At present, most food packaging uses transparent PET materials, which look and feel good, and the freshness and deliciousness of the food inside can be clearly seen.

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